Gym to rock mentoring classes

This mentoring course is designed for those who already been climbing at the locals gym and want to step up and climb outdoor.
The mentoring is divided divide in 3 modules of 6 hours:
All gear is provide, but if already have your gear, we encourage you to bring
The climber need to be comfortable in climb a 5.7 route
Location: Malibu
You will learn about:

Gym to rock 1

Personal Equipment
How to safe belay outdoor
Belay escape
Leave no trace
Climbing etiquette
Climbing Technic


Gym to rock 2

Anchor equipment
Personal safety
Bolt anchor
Natural anchor
More Climbing Technic


Gym to rock 3

Top rope anchor management
More Knot
Belay from the top
Self rescue
More Climbing Technic


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If you buy all three courses together
you get a great discount