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Gift Cards are a great way to give your friends and family the gift of climbing at South California best climbing spot.

We have adventure for any kind of adventurist person, and if you are not sure you can buy a card with credit and the luck person can chose what they want


los angeles S/A Camp Activitie

Arrive n Climb

Outdoor Rock Climbing has never been made so easy and fun!
This is our most popular event for anyone who is interested in Outdoor Rock Climbing, regardless of their age or skill level.

At Arrive N Climb, you will have a crash course introduction on Outdoor Rock Climbing skills and techniques, including the following:

  • Rock Climbing Safety
  • Rock Climbing Techniques
  • Rock Climbing Rappelling and more!

You will be led and taught by a PCGI Certified Instructor and will be ready to climb our various routes the same day!

We have Outdoor Rock Climbing routes for all ages and skill levels, from first-time beginners to advanced climbers.

The $75.00 per person for a half-day session. An incredible value.

Family and Children’s Climbing

We have thrilling Outdoor Rock Climbing adventures that are made for the whole family and beginners to enjoy together!

With our family and children’s Outdoor Rock Climbing events, you will learn the basic techniques of team climbing and safety.

Then you will all have the opportunity conquer the rocks together. You and your kids will love it!

Our family Outdoor Rock Climbing events take place in scenic locations throughout Southern California, including near the beach. Our recommended age for children is 4 years old and up.

This is also a perfect opportunity for a group of beginning Outdoor Rock Climbers to get together and have fun!

The price is $90 per adult + 1 child with all climbing equipment included. Each additional family member is just $40 each. Our maximum is 6 adults and 6 children.

 Ropes Course

Our Ropes Course is fun for all ages!

We have a challenging and fun High Ropes Course, which includes a Climbing Wall, Vine Walk, Leap of Faith and a Zip Line.

  • The Climbing Wall is 30 ft in height with two side-by-side routes where you can do a steadier climb or the more competitive people can have races to the top. This is perfect for team building and gaining endurance!
  • Our Vine Walk is definitely for the more adventurous person. It is connected to a 30 ft tall post where you will climb this post and walk on a cable and cross through the other side holding onto 6 pieces of vine hanging from above. All this is done safely with a Belayer guiding and watching you from below.
  • The Leap of Faith, our most thrilling obstacle of all, involves climbing a 30 ft post until you reach a 4-inch platform where you will balance and stand. In Front of you will be a trapeze in which the distance from the platform can be adjusted based on your desired level of challenge. Once ready, you will leap forward in an attempt to reach the trapeze. Upon reaching the trapeze you will zip line for about 40 ft and finish with a controlled and smooth fall to the ground.
  • Our Zip Line begins with a thrilling, but safe 35 ft climb up a tree. Upon reaching the top you will arrive at a platform with guide who will connect you to the zip line. The zip line has a 10 ft drop and along with a 200 foot distance where you will glide at a fast speed. It’s safe and fun for all ages.

Price: $90.00 for each person. This is 4 hours of Fun and includes all equipment!


los angeles S/A Camp Activitie

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