Wilderness First Aid (WFA) NOLS

Whether spending time in the backcountry is your passion or your profession, you should never have to ask, "What do I do now?" In this fast-paced and hands-on course, you will learn how to prepare for the unexpected.
The NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute’s (WMI) curriculum includes many advanced topics that other programs leave out such as dislocation reduction and epinephrine administration. In just two days, you will have the knowledge, skills and ability to make sound decisions in emergency situations.
This course is ideal for trip leaders, camp staff, outdoor enthusiasts and individuals in remote locations. WMI's course is pre-approved by such organizations as the American Camping Association, the United States Forest Service, and other government agencies. This course does not include CPR.

Check in is at 7:45 am on the first day of the course. Course days run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Classroom lectures will be integrated with practical scenarios. The classroom environment generally lends itself to a pair of comfy shoes or slippers.
Practice scenarios will take place both inside and outside. Stage (moulage) blood and make-up are frequently used to emphasize the reality of a scenario. Please bring outdoor clothing appropriate for lying on the potentially wet, snowy, and/or cold ground. Come equipped with a light daypack, waterproof top and bottoms, sturdy shoes, and layers well suited for spending time outdoors at your course location.

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$255 per person
Next course will be Feb 24 -25 2018 in Calabasas, Malibu - Los Angeles Area

The 16 to 20-hour Wilderness First Aid course includes many advanced topics that other programs leave out such as reduction of dislocations and epinephrine administration. Topics include:

-Patient Assessment System
-Cold Injuries
-Heat Illness
-Altitude Illness

-Fracture Management
-The Medical Patient
-Wilderness First Aid Kits
-Athletic Injuries

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Accommodations – Lodging can be added to your course

- Lodging:
$25 per night per person (available Saturday only or Friday and Saturday for $50)
Rustic open air cabins, 22 twin bunk beds, area for tent camping, centrally located communal bathroom, linens are not provided, please bring sleeping bag.
First 22 reservations will have priority to stay in the cabins, the remaining will need to bring their own tent.